2020 Pricing

Our approach to oil painting — dividing each project into three distinct specializations — allows us to create a world-class painting, framed, at 60-80% less than that of a reputable local painter. And at a quality level most local painters cannot hope to match.

Prices include a reference photo shoot, the completed painting, and a framing allowance as detailed below. Time to completion averages 12 weeks.

Paintings are priced by size class and number of subject(s) included. The exact dimensions may vary due to the aspect ratio of the painting. For instance, a 16x20" size class commission of a square image would result in a painting approximately 18x18".


16x20" Size Class


• Includes one person
• Includes $350 credit for local archival framing

A 16x20" class painting is a versatile size in that it can be placed in many settings without dominating a room. But because of it's size, it is generally suitable for a single-person portrait. This may be either head and shoulders or, if vertically oriented, a waist-up portrait.

We strive to maintain a minimum head size of six inches (vertical measurement) in a painting to ensure sufficient detail. This introduces some limitations to compositions that are possible in smaller paintings.

20x24" Size Class


• Includes up to two people
• Includes $450 framing credit

A 20x24" class painting is very versatile size. It is generally suitable one or two people (head and shoulders or waist-up) or three people if composed tightly (please inquire). A one- or two-person, three-quarter view can be accommodated if the painting is vertically oriented.

24x36" Size Class


• Includes up to two people ($650 per additional)
• Includes $550 framing credit

A 24x36" class painting is ideally suited for a family portrait. It can easily accommodate two parents and three children, for example, as long as the minimum face sizes are met.

36x48" Size Class


• Includes up to two people ($800 per additional)
• Includes $700 framing credit

A larger painting, such as 36x48" class, will serve as a strong focal point in a large room, or command attention in a smaller one — especially when accented with task lighting. With larger paintings there are fewer content/sizing restrictions, as minimum face sizes are easily met.



• ⅓ Due upon commission
• ⅓ Due upon completion of reference photo shoot
• ⅓ Due upon delivery of the painting